The Psychology of Learning in Wildlife- The Meerkat Whisperer!
Date: Monday, July 05 @ 16:43:46 UTC
Topic: Grant M. Mc Ilrath A.K.A The Meerkat Man

I wish to allow others to experience this "behind the scenes" secretive research perspective on nature. I do not believe that only film crews, and academics in the research field should be the only poeple to enjoy observing Wild meerkats / suricates- this is why The Meerkat Magic Conservation Project is open to the public from around the world!

All those who have been exposed to these experiences seem to get some inner fulfillment from their time with nature. I see myself merely as an interface with the wildlife experience.

By using NLP or Neuro Linguistic Programming I build a number of positive associations to auditory codes, over many years. Wildlife learns to selectively trust these associations, resulting in a very selective tolerance to certain observers.

Using positive associations towards visual, tactile, olfactory signs/ codes, the same result is achieved.

In the abscence of these NLP's wildlife remains totally untrusting of anybody who attempts to approach them.

It is this cognitive learning process that facinates me when working with wildlife.

None of the animals at The Meerkat Magic Conservation Project are ever captured, experiemented with, handled, given artificial marks, fed or provisioned in any way! We do not work with tame animals. By using highly selective tolerance techniques which take many years to implement Wild and Free animals allow certain tolerated observers to watch them up close.


I have included a number of Testimonials from Cambridge University and The University of Pretoria, Kruger National Park and a well known film producer. Often my Wildlife habituation techniques have not been acknowledged in research and films, but they use these techniques to allow them to get close to the animals.

These testimonials are just a reminder to all those who make use of these techniques without acknowledging their original source, of the intellectual property rights of these techniques, in the past and future with regards to Wildlife habituation insights developed by Grant M. Mc Ilrath for very close and unobtrusive research on Wild animals.

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